Wednesday, 10 April 2013

2013 is going to be a busy year for the Dartmoor Pony Training Centre.  We are planning on turning into a Community Interest Company and running a variety of events and courses.  At present we are a Voluntary organisation and have been since we first set up in 2005.  This means that all the work we do for the DPTC at the moment, including teaching on courses, is unpaid.  This has been okay up until now but as we want to secure a long term future for our organisation we have decided to convert to a CIC which means we can be paid for some of the work we do.... and hopefully carry on doing it for many years to come!  A CIC is like a cross between a business and a charity; it has an asset lock that means all the monies raised by the organisation will have to go back into supporting the work we do.  For more information on this type of organisation please look at:

We are planning to be running courses in the following in 2013:
  • Semi-feral foal handling 
  • Meditation with horses
  • Pony play; fun half days out on Dartmoor learning about pony psychology and ponies on Dartmoor.

Details of all these courses to follow asap but in the meantime if you have any enquiries please contact me on: or 07802 218169.  

All the best to you all for a wonderful 2013!

Natalie Torr

Monday, 1 April 2013

New events for 2013

Foal handling, Pony Play and Meditation with Horses

We are delighted to announce we will be running more courses in 2013 including more foal handling courses, Meditation with Horses and pony play mornings up on the moor. For more information please look at our events blog:

Monday, 31 October 2011

Great success for feral foal workshop!!

Well we are now all thoroughly exhausted but very happy after a wonderful feral foal handling course with fabulous Sarah Weston!!! Last week really flew by and everyone involved really enjoyed themselves, the atmosphere was so lovely and peaceful, the real world has been a bit of a shock ha ha. I have taken on one foal myself and the DPTC has taken on another, they are called Suki and Bella and are both a real credit to the breed, can't wait to see how they turn out. Suki was def. the head of the class and graduated to leading around the barn and having her feet picked up. The ponies were all very different and gave everyone a chance to see all sorts of reactions and different techniques for dealing with them. Can't say enough thank you's to Sarah and all the tutors who give up their time for free and refused to even take petrol money from us, gorgeous people. We do still have 3 adorable foals from the same herd as Suki and Bella looking for homes, who will otherwise sadly become lion food!! DO get in touch if you think you could offer a home to any of these amazing ponies. We are now all really fired up for trying to run the course again next year but we will need to raise a chunk of funds for insurance and we are hoping buy the mesh panels which are so vital for making pens for the course and will be looking for corporate sponsors for the panels (see photos) so also get in touch if you own or work for a company who might consider this. Very exciting, futures looking bright!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Urgent Appeal, homes for Colts!!!

URGENT APPEAL- these little Dartmoor hill pony colts are destined for zoo meat unless we find them a home in the next week or so. He is from a farmer who is very supportive of our work and who is trying to work with on schemes to produce less stock each year, but with the poor economic climate he cannot afford to take colts to market, where they almost def. won't sell. If you think you could give these gorgeous chaps a home, please contact us. We know we can't make a difference to them all, but we can make a difference to some. And you could be the difference between life and death!! There may also be fillies available if they don't sell at market.
Don't forget the pony market this Thursday, the 13th of Oct. at Chagford as well, we will be there with training advice as well. Around 400 ponies will be going through the ring. Charlotte Faulkner of the Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony can bid, buy and hold ponies for buyers who cannot attend themselves as well! So you've got no excuse lol x

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Open day Thanks and rehoming push!

Here's a picture of Alfie and friends at the open day, waiting for their adoring fans!! Well we had our little open day on the 1st of October and would just like to thank everyone who came along for making it a success. We had the most amazing weather, a good turn out, the ponies behaved beyond brilliantly and we all had a wonderful time. We have also hopefully re-homed another pony yay. Our lovely volunteer Ro's clicker demo was very popular and Mikey and Leo both performed perfectly. I'd like to try some more of this myself after seeing the lovely positive atmosphere it created for the ponies. Our Alfie was a super star and escorted lots of small children around the horse agility course without batting a horsey eyelid lol.

Well we are feeling much more relaxed about the coming winter, now that it looks as though it might finally be arriving ha ha, and we have re-homed a fair few ponies over the summer. Just as well after our less than bountiful hay harvest eek!

We do however still have a few really lovely ponies looking for homes, particularly Brambles, Courage, Mikey and Milo. So do go take a look at the re-homing blog ( if you think you could help? We also have two or three rather wild little mares from rescue backgrounds who might make a nice little conservation grazing herd for someone or for an organization like the wildlife trust, any suggestions or contacts gratefully recieved ??? Well the log burner and choccy are calling my name, wrap up pony pals xx

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Pony market correction!

Sorry about that peeps lol, I blame the boss, the Tavistock market is this Friday, the 3oth of Sept. We will hopefully be attending handing out training info. and support for anyone taking on ponies. Sadly we can't take on any more ponies so we have promised to leave the trailer at lol!!!
Above the poster from Charlotte Faulkner about the sales, hopefully see some of you there?

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Pony markets coming up, open day and training event!

Busy busy busy lol!!!!

Well we have had a great summer at the DPTC, we have managed to re-home several ponies though we still have quite a few more waiting for forever homes! Autumn is definitely upon us and our only real worry now is that we got very little hay from our fields this year and did not cut enough to get us through the winter!!!! If anyone would like to donate hay or haylage and your in the west country PLEASE do let us know, the ponies would be very grateful!!!!

Plenty of positives though, with ponies waiting to go to their new homes, the open day still on for the 1st of October and the semi feral foal handling course on the 24th-28th of Oct which we still have spectator spaces for, so come see us or get in touch........or both ha ha!

This is also the time of year for the annual pony markets;
Sat 1st Oct - Tavistock
Thurs 13th Oct - Chagford

For more information please contact Charlottte Faulkner at the Dartmoor Hill Pony Association. / 07734 785644.

For help with training your pony after you take it on from sale please contact us - / 07802 218169. Or come to our open day on sat 1st October to see what we do and how wonderfully these ponies can become given the chance.